Miles (the band)


Why hello! Don’t you look lovely with a little bit of autumn coming your way. Over at Miles HQ there’s been some neat little things. We wanted to share a couple videos of new songs that have been popping up at shows. The first is a song called “Red” we’ve been playing for a bit, we played this at Kenny’s Castaways in July, check out the video HERE. The second is from a very cool blog called BlaqBook, they filmed us performing yet-to-be-titled tune at Spike Hill recently. Check out their review of our show and the video HERE.

Hope you’re doing well and we’ll catch you soon!

Final single plus full EP “Expose” now available!

So just over a year from when we did the initial session, we’re proud to release “Expose”. These are five songs we’re really proud of.

If you’ve been keeping up with the other released singles, you can hear the fifth single, the actual song “Expose” here. It’s a song that has meant a lot to us, and is sort of all-encompassing of the entire new direction this record took us in.

You can also now download the EP as a whole here:

Enjoy! - Miles.

Heeeeere’s “Just in Case”

We’re real excited about this one. We released a song on our last record called “Just in Case” (you can hear that version HERE). It was a great recording, but the issue was that JIC was one of the few songs on As Fast As You Can (our last record) that was written and then recorded without really being road-tested. Once we started playing it live, we picked up a number of attributes about it that needed to feel a bit different to work. Knowing that, we decided to rerecord a slightly more raw version of it to reflect how the song feels live.

So here she is! Just in Case…I promise I wouldn’t say it…but I will…2.0.

Give a warm welcome to “Almost Me”

A song of somber tone but declaratory realization, “Almost Me” joins the fold! Download away.

Artwork by our good friend Eric Neuman.


We’re psyched to release track two from our new EP. Keep the support coming and more tracks will be coming your way.

Artwork by the great Alex Jacobs.

Want more tracks? Download the first single!

So we recently finished a new EP. We’re calling it “Expose”. We thought it’d be fun for you guys to hear the record one song at a time.

So the plan is once 50 people download the first single, “Rust Belt”, we’ll release song number two! Tell your friends :-)

Just hit the download button in the player below.


-Miles (the band)

P.S. Photography by our good friend Sarah Nathan.